What Do You Need to Know About Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign aligners are clear braces that are custom-made to cover your teeth and move them to the proper position. They are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. Many patients find them to be more comfortable and discreet.

Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear aligners specially made to fit your mouth. The treatment begins with a consultation where an orthodontist will examine your teeth during the consultation to determine if Invisalign is right for you.

Let’s see how it works.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

Adults and teens who want a more radiant and beautiful smile without the legibility of traditional metal braces might consider Invisalign. It is an excellent alternative to metal braces. Invisalign employs a series of removable clear aligners that gradually move the teeth into the desired position.

How Is It Made

Invisalign treatment employs a series of custom-made, removable aligners that gradually shift your teeth into the desired position over time. These aligners fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth. It gently pushes your teeth into their proper place.

The beauty of Invisalign is that the aligners are clear and virtually invisible, so no one will know that you’re wearing them unless you tell them. Additionally, Invisalign treatment is far more comfortable than metal braces because the smooth, plastic material is gentle in the mouth.

Who Needs It

Invisalign is perfect for anyone who wants to straighten their teeth without affecting their smile or comfort. The clear aligners are custom-made to fit your mouth and move your teeth into the correct position. It is particularly suitable for adults and teenagers who want to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile without the need to wear metal braces.


With Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about metal wires poking your gums and irritating your mouth. You can also easily remove the aligners to brush your teeth. That is why it is the ideal solution for people who want to straighten their teeth without losing confidence.

What happens after treatment?

We advise patients to wear their aligners for 22 hours daily throughout their treatment. Some may even need to wear retainers or braces after their Invisalign treatment. 

We advise our patients to have regular checkups after their Invisalign treatment to ensure they get the desired result. During these visits, we can determine if they need to wear braces after treatment.

What if I stop my Invisalign treatment?

If you want great results from your Invisalign treatment, you must strictly follow your orthodontist’s advice on wearing clear aligners. Teeth could shift to their original position if you stop wearing your aligners too early. While receiving Invisalign treatment, you must attend all of your scheduled checkups.

During your checkups, your orthodontist will be able to evaluate the progress of your treatment and make adjustments if needed. He will also guide you on how long and when to wear your aligners. His advice will help you achieve the best results from your Invisalign treatment.

Where is the best place to get Invisalign?

Always consult a qualified orthodontist to ensure that Invisalign is the best treatment. He could tell if Invisalign is a good option for you and recommend a treatment plan. 

If you’re near the Kittitas Valley in Washington State, see us at Parker Orthodontics. Dr. Parker and his entire staff are ready to welcome you and give you that perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

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